binomial data

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    How to build a binomial mixed model?

    I have data whose structure is seen in the image below. You see one participant's responses in the second row. M1-4 through F3-6 are trials in which a binary response was made (participant chose one of two stimuli presented on the screen). These were M(ale) and F(emale) stimuli. 1 through...
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    comparing two independent binomial data sets, unequal size, Welchs t-test?

    I would like to compare the pass rates of two different classes (say English 111 and English 113). The data is binomial (0= fail, 1=pass). The sets are unequal size. I think its safe to assume independent population means and unknown SD. I am inclined to use Welch's t - test. But I am not sure...
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    significant change in binomial data?

    I want to determine how much of a change in pass rates do I need to observe for it to be statistically significant. For example: pretend there are 2,000 people who took English101 in the last 4 years, and 1500 of them passed the class. 1500/2000 = 0.75 pass rate. I want to set a goal of...