binomial distribution

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    Power test - which one is suitable for me

    I have a group of 200 female individuals that are either infected or uninfected. The infected proportion is known at generation (G) 0 when I mixed infected and uninfected females at 10% (therefore 20 infected, 180 uninfected). This infection frequency is expected to increase in each...
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    Confidence intervals for multiple proportions

    Hi everyone, I would like to know how to calculate confidence intervals for non-binomial proportion data of which I have multiple samples? I'll give an example to clarify: Proportion1 Proportion2 Proportion3 Proportion4 Proportion5 Proportion6 Sample1 0.93926 0 0.00204 0.0585 0.0002 0...
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    Help with the statistics solving

    Violations 0 0 1 2 3 4 5 >5 Fine A$1000 0 0 10 10 10 20 50 (Please note from the table that 0 violations = 0 fines, 1 violation = 0 fines, 2 violations = $10,000 fine, 3 violations = $10,000 fine, 4 violations = $10,000 fine, 5...
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    Binomial Problem: Help!!

    Hey all, so I've been trying to understand this binomial problem for the last couple hours and its just not happening. Here's the problem: A sample of 12 were chosen at random (one at a time) from a large population of people in which 80% favor capital punishment. (A) Determine the...
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    Binomial Distribution Problem

    Hi I have a question about binomial distribution/probability. The question is: Below are data on the fertility of eggs from a strain of Drosophilia. 10 eggs were placed in each of 100 vials with the eggs in different vials coming from different females. All eggs either hatched or died. Is...
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    this is my question Suppose 20% of the items produced by a factory are defective. Suppose 12 items are chosen at random. Find the probability that 2 are defective. How to solve this ? Is this a binomial distribution question ?
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    model comparisons for a binomial distribution

    Dear all, I have a stats question that relates to a bigger piece of research, but I've simplified the bit I'm confused about... Suppose I run an experiment 10 times (M=10) where for each experiment I toss a coin 20 times (n=20), I have for each experiment the number of heads (x). From this...
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    URGENT Year 11... Bionomial distribuition question

    Assume that a particular virus protection software has a 0.90 probability of detecting `Find the probability that two independent virus protection programs will detect the virus attack. `Given that three independent virus protection programs are installed, find the probability that at least...
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    Comparing 2 means (binomial distribution type) between 2 groups

    Hi, I feel stupid for asking this, but I have a basic "why" question about obtaining the mean values to later run a 2-sample t-test to see if 2 groups are significantly different. I've read online that for binomial distributions (ie yes/no answers, successes/failures, etc) the mean = np, where n...
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    Calculating the size of Type 1 error, Type 2 error and power of the test

    Let X have a binomial distribution with parameter n=5 and P\in [p:p=\frac{1}{4},\frac{1}{2}]. The null hypothesis H_{0}:P=\frac{1}{4} is rejected, and The alternative hypothesis H_a:P=\frac{1}{2} is accepted. If the observed value of X_1, a random sample of size one, is less than or equal...
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    How can i comment on the following graphs of Binomial distribution.

    I am using 'R' to draw the graph : par(mfrow=c(2,2)) graph(10,0.05) graph(20,0.05) graph(50,0.05) graph(200,0.05) How can i comment on the graphs? Does it " as number of trials increases, probability of getting the zero success decreases" ?
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    Using the Right Test to Confirm Separation of Confidence Intervals

    Hello, I'm working on a research project (not homework) and I could benefit from a quick consult since some of my stats are a bit rusty. I have a series of experiments that qualify as Bernoulli trials, so I am estimating 95% confidence intervals on the success rates assuming the binomial...
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    Normal Approximation to the Binomial Distribution Help Needed

    SOLVED - Normal Approximation to the Binomial Distribution Help Needed A multiple choice test consists of a series of questions, each with four possible choices. a) If there are 60 questions, estimate the probability that a student guessing blindly on each question will get at least 30 right...
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    Binomial Distribution

    I am in dire need of some help with binomial distribution! In a given year, the probability that an adult American male dies in a car accident is equal to 0.0002. a) In a city having 1 million adult American males, state assumptions for a binomial distribution to apply to X= the number of them...
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    Binomial Distribution

    One classical experiment on ESP (extrasensory perception) tests for the ability of an individual to show telepathy-that is, to read the mind of another individual. This test uses five cards with different designs, all known to both participants. In a trial, the "sender" sees a randomly chosen...
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    What statistics to use to find a possible correlation of coinciding null results?

    I would like your advice on the following problem: I am investigating the following data: For 600 trials data was gathered simultaneously from two sources (locations in rats brain). Each trial was investigated and either a result was found (some time stamp) or no result was found (a "zero...
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    Binomial Distribution, 150 tosses of fair coin, P(40%<= X <=50%)

    Hi, im getting the wrong answer for the following question and not sure why. (Question) A fair coin is tossed 150 times. Find the probability that between 40% and 50% (inclusive) of the tosses will result in heads. (I know its possible to do this proportions but i prefer to do it with...
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    Poisson or Binomial

    Hi, im trying to make sure i have the difference between when to use Binomial and Poisson distributions firmly understood. Regarding the following question, im assuming its a Binomial since its possible to determine p and q even though a rate is specified? Question) If a baseball batter hit 4...
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    Binomial Distribution

    I really need help with this homework. I've been on one question for over an hour. The Question is The rates of on-time flights for commercial jets are continuously tracked by the U.S. Department of Transportation. Recently, Southwest Air had the best reate with 80 % of its flights arriving...
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    Feedback sought on finding a probability based on a permutation / binomial D

    Hi everyone, I've just signed up and I'm posting this here (and not in the other probability section) since it's not a course or homework problem. Nonetheless it may appear as simple and straightforward to someone versed in probability stuff... It's for a research project I'm assisting and...