binomial distribution

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    Differentiating between different distributions

    In my last 3 statistics classes I have learned about several different kinds of distributions: the binomial probability distribution the normal probability distribution sampling distributions I am findng it difficult absorbing all this information regarding distributions at once and...
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    Binomial Probability, Real Limits, X=0

    Can someone have guessed on quiz and got all 50 questions wrong, but still get 100%? Thanks in advance! :D
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    Recurring Event, Probability of Totals

    Hi. I'm actually not working on homework, but trying to make odds tables for a card game called Summoner Wars to practice/learn math for fun. It's a typical dice battle game, where various characters roll varying amounts of dice to attack. For each die, if they role a 3, 4, 5, or 6, it...
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    Distribution and modeling of TV ad views

    An advertiser can show his ad in several different time windows on TV. For each time window the number of viewers who have their TV turned on (=viewers) varies. In addition it is assumed that the probability a viewer actually recognizes a broadcasted ad (=recognition rate) is not only different...