binomial glmm

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    SAS glimmix overdispersion

    Let's say I have an experiment with a total of 10 petridishes each with 20 seeds. 5 of these petri dishes are variety A and 5 are variety B. I count the number of germinated seeds in each dish. There seems to be to be two main ways to model potential over dispersion: proc glimmix data=a...
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    How to build a binomial mixed model?

    I have data whose structure is seen in the image below. You see one participant's responses in the second row. M1-4 through F3-6 are trials in which a binary response was made (participant chose one of two stimuli presented on the screen). These were M(ale) and F(emale) stimuli. 1 through...
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    Binomial GLMM residual pattern

    I am trying to complete a binomial GLMM but I don't think that the residuals look right when I compare them to the years. Is this too much of a pattern in the residuals? My model looks like this: binary response ~ carbon + I(carbon^3) + nitrogen + class + (1|Year). In my model, carbon and...