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    Integrated Mean Squared Error - Regression Discontinuity

    Dear all, I am currently working on some research for my thesis, and I'm using the regression discontinuity method. I have to explain intuitively how the integrated mean squared error, that is being minimized, works for the number of bins that are calculated. Is there anyone who can help me...
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    How to calculate the minimum x for histogram bins values

    Let say that I want to construct an histogram for 100 continuous values with 5 bins of equal interval How do I select the minimum value for the first bin. Is i the minimum of all the values? It seems the SPSS or Minitab select different minimums Thanks Avi
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    Probability question

    Hello, After major efforts, I am just incapable of solving the 2 question attached (below). A prompt answer would be great! Thank you in advance