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    Why regression models use log or exponential value?

    I am not very familiar with statistic. Any statistician can help me to clarify what the difference are between exponential value and log value. I found in academic papers that regression models are usually shown in exponential value or log value. 1) what is the difference between them? 2)...
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    The Future of Clinical Trials Biostatistics - Bayesian?

    I have noticed a trend with hiring managers to vault candidates that are well versed in Bayesian analysis to the top. This is not necessarily because someone will sink or swim based on their allegiance to Bayes, these managers may not even have implemented any of the methodology at all yet...
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    Job: Health Economist/Economitrician/Biostatistician Required

    Health Economist Introduction This is an opportunity to work for an international company specialising in Health Economics, Patient-Reported Outcomes (PRO), Epidemiology, and Translations and Linguistic Validation. With offices across Europe, USA and Asia they specialise in consultancy...