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    PCA for Compositional Data using R

    Good evening! As the title suggest, I'm approaching to PCA for compositional Data. The dataset is about 5200 proteins for which is recorded a value for the chromatography in 30 intervals (obviously, the sum of every row is equal to 1). According to Aitchison's theory, I scaled data with...
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    PCA (correlation) Biplot - correlation and angles

    Hi, I have a question regarding a PCA correlation Biplot. As far as I understand, angles between lines are (approx.) correlations between corresponding variables. Especially, if the angle is about 90° between two lines, these two variables are uncorrelated. But how does the plot look like if...
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    I invite you to help me interpret this Biplot from PCA analysis!

    I would like to delete this thread as nobody answer it.