bivariate regression

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    Multiple regression V.S. Bivariate regression

    Hi there, I'm interested in the effect of several variables on severity of schizophrenia symptoms. I want to look at the effect of 9 predictor variables in a regression model. Severity of schizophrenia symptoms is the outcome variable. My sample size is about 60. My 9 predictor variables...
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    Extracting a pattern and a time series from a field (fuzzy bivariate regression)

    Hi everybody, first of all, sorry if my question is trivial or silly, but I'm definitely not much into statistics. I have some spatially extended data spanning a long time, let's call it F(x,y,t). Imagine that I can describe my data as this: F(x,y,t) = A(x,y)*a(t) + B(x,y)*b(t). Now...