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    Limits of agreement and Bland Altman plot

    May I kindly ask how may I present the Bland Altman plot in words in the “Results” section of the manuscript, e.g. what should be reported and how may I find these in SPSS? Thanks a lot!
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    Acceptable average difference value for scientific literature?

    I have two instruments that measure the same parameter, I'll call them 1 and 2. 1 is calibrated and zeroed during the study and 2 is not calibrated and zeroed so the baseline values are all over the place. I am trying to superimpose the data on a scatterplot by time matching 1 and 2. In...
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    What analysis is best for my research

    Hi all, I'm currently doing my masters thesis about blood pressure monitors. I'm compairing them on repeatability using a simulator. Now i have 5 different devices with each 3 simulations x 85 measurements. (Simulations are High blood pressure, low and normal) I did the basic thing like look...
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    Compare 2 tests - Bland Altman vs. area under curve

    Hello, I want to compare the performance of 2 binary classification tests (positive vs. negative diagnosis) from the same sample (n=430). I have read about the Bland-Altman method and also about comparing the area under the ROC curves. Although the two methods of comparison are completely...