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    One way ANOVA or Two Way ANOVA?

    Hi all. I was given this assignment and asked to analyse the data (5% level of significance). Should I be using two one-way ANOVAs to compare the effect of preservative and days (independent variables) on the bacterial count (dependent) separately? Or should I be using a two-way ANOVA to...
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    Comparing a continuous variable vs a continuous and a nominal

    Hi. I'm studying the effect of hummingbird feeders on the hummingbirds' pollinization function. We counted the amount of birds feeding on artificial feeders, and on the other side, we captured a number of birds and collected the pollen they carried, then categorized it in four levels (0 grains...
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    how to exclude block effect (I think)

    Hi, I have done a simple experiment, with one control group and one treated group. Each group have between 3-5 replicates. The whole experiment is repeated three times. If i do a normal student t.test for each experiment i get a significant difference, however if I do a student t.test...