1. B

    Experimental design question

    I am struggling with the complexity of my experimental design... I apologize in advance for any incorrect terminology or grammar. I know that I have a 2x2x2 factorial design with 2 different dam diets (during pregnancy), 2 different offspring diets, and genders (obviously 2 levels)...
  2. M

    covariance between two observations belonging to the same block

    Hi, does anyone know how to find the expression for the covariance between two observations belonging to the same block for a balanced complete block planning? (block has random effect and treatment has fixed effect).
  3. trinker

    How is simple nested not blocked

    I'm reading the optimal design manual and it says on p. 8: How can a nested design (I'm thinking students in classrooms) not have blocking? I thought blocking meant arranging units into blocks that are similar. This means I must not understand either nesting, blocking or both correctly...
  4. K

    Blocking on Binomial Data

    I remember from college statistics that blocking can be used, especially in agriculture. I would like to block but use binomial distributed data. Is this possible? For example: I have 100 embryos. I want to treat half of them one way and half another way and then freeze them. Upon thawing I want...
  5. P

    ANOVA Design and Analysis

    Hello, This is my first post so I hope my question is appropriate for the group. I have performed an experiment where we have blood samples from 18 donors (subjects). The blood from each subject is split in 2 and subjected to a treatment (factor A, 2 levels). Each of these samples is...