boneferroni correction

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    Bonferoni test

    In my example, I have about 50 statistical analysis, so is it feasible to use bonferoni test in this case?. 05/50 will be very very small value and it will be impossible for one type of algorithm to significantly outperform the other. Thanks
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    When 'not' to use MANOVA?

    Hey! This is about my PhD thesis where I am trying to see the pattern of memory deficit among different types of hypothyroidism. I have used a between subject group design with 1 IV with four levels. Thus, I have 4 four groups which are: Subclinical Hypothyroid group N= 14 Overt Hypothyroid...
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    Approach to adjusting for multiple testing problem with multiple chi-square tests

    Hi, I work in a UK university. Each year finalist students take part in a National Student Survey responding to 30 questions on aspects of their experience on a five point likert scale, ranging from strongly agree to strongly disagree, and the convention is to report the percentage of...
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    SPSS - Mann Whitney U Test help.

    Hi everyone, Just doing some stats on SPSS, which I am new to. The question I have to answer is; Select the correct statistical technique to test the hypothesis there there is no difference in systolic blood pressure due to aerobic exercise training lasting 6, 12 and 24 weeks. There a...
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    Multiple comparisons correction help

    Hi, I have already asked a similar question but did not explain my problem in entirety. Any help would be greatly appreciated! I am analyzing some data to which I think I need to make some kind of multiple comparisons correction. The data comes from an economic game (Dictator game) and is the...
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    deriving critical level of significance for Bonferroni correction in my data?

    We have conducted an experiment where we test ability to detect weights using two different methods using a repeated measures design. Each participant is asked to detect which weight is heavier between two given weights with weight increased by few percentage, so 4 different weight comparisions...