1. R

    What books could you read to get a Statistics major?

    I studied Philosophy and Math in college, and now that I'm out, I'm still interested in learning a few things, one of which is Stats. I've read a few books on intro Stats, including Tanis and Hogg's Mathematical Statistics, which I feel I've understood well. However, when I go to read other...
  2. E

    Best book on R

    Sorry guys, this post may not belong here but I had no idea where else to post. I'm looking for some recommendations for an "excellent" book for R programming focused on uses of R in statistics, data analysis, producing graphs -including making them look more than just vanilla etc. I...
  3. K

    Books about Statistics

    I took a course in Statistics years ago (first year of university), then I studied the book of Rice on my own. After that, I tried to read graduate level books about Machine Learning, but found my knowledge in probability and statistics insufficient. I want to really understand statistics. I'm...
  4. S

    Probability Solutions Manual Book (MGB)

    I am a new student of statistics. My prof is using MGB and I would want to ask you guys if you have a copy of its SOLUTIONS Manual that will help me in my study. Please share if you have one.
  5. T

    List of recommended stats books

    Stats novice here but enthusiast. What would be a list of books you would expect any BS in statistics to have. I have my list culled from uiuc's course pages (from what I could find). Any recommendations for someone trying to attain broad knowledge (or at least reference) in the subject...