bounded data

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    0-3 bounded continuous dependent variable

    Hello all, I am working on a difficult (for my abilities) dataset. The dependent variable is continuous [0-3] bounded and was measured between 2000 to 2019 in several locations (not necessarily the same location in each year). So I have a spatial component that would like to account for. My...
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    quantile regression with a bounded dependent variable

    Quantile regression is cool. But I wonder about using it when the dependent variable is bounded. I often work with happiness variables, emerging from a questionnaire where respondents select from a 0 - 10 scale. Running a quantile regression, it seems that pretty much every independent...
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    Appropriate hypothesis test for beta or fractional logistic distributions

    Hi! Thanks to previous suggestions I have determined that my bounded data sets are fit well by beta and/or fractional logistic distributions. I am wondering now, what the appropriate hypothesis tests would be for such distributions? I have been using Kruskall-Wallis and the Mann-Whitney/Wilcox...