1. R

    What GLM family if response is Bray-Curtis dissimilarity? Can I use adonis (vegan)?

    I have some questions about testing for effects of different experimental levels on community similarity. I'll explain my planned experimental design before I ask the questions: I have two methods for sampling species. I will use both of these methods on the same vegetation patch, at 3 points...
  2. I

    Which analysis to use for comparison of species proportions?

    I have samples of bee populations from 2011 and 2013. There were 5 different species collected. I need a test that can tell me if there is significant differences between proportions of species between years (ie, did one species start to decline and one species start to become more abundant)...
  3. T

    PERMANOVA - choice of distance measure

    Hi, I want to run a (PRIMER based) PERMANOVA analysis on my univariate data (output var.= weight of organisms, and 3 factors = 2 fixed, 1 random) and I'm wondering which distance measure (Bray-Curtis or Euclidean distance) to use to create the resemblance matrix. In most literature that I...