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    Binomial/Poisson (or any ) Distribution for finding out probability of me getting into a business school,plz help with my calculation.

    Probability of getting into a business school is 10%,I have applied to 12 business schools,what is probability that i get accepted by atleast 1 of them? My solution as per Binomial Distribution:- Probability of success(p)=1/10...
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    Greetings From NY

    I'm in the process of starting a business and i'm looking to develop an online advisory board. Anyone have any knowledge and experience in the business, entrepreneur, restaurant industries?
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    Calculating probability that a business will find a buyer and sell

    Bare with me whilst I try and explain this one. I work for a business that finds companies to buy a client business that's signed up with us. I have been compiling a spreadsheet with data of deals completed and closed during the past 2 years, and what I want to do is find a way to calculate the...