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    A basic question about chi-square test

    There is a test to examine the usage of different English words by male and female students. So there are two columns of data (male and female students), 30 rows(each row is the frequency of different English words used by male and female students). I find an online chi-square calculator, which...
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    So I'm starting a website (see thread title) devoted to statistical power analysis and sample size determination. Why? B/c I make power/sample size calculations all the time in my work. Sometimes a common statistical test will do; sometimes something a little more complex. But, invariably...
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    2-way ANOVA on a TI-84 Plus graphing calculator

    I was wondering if their was a way to do a 2-way ANOVA (analysis of variance) test on a graphing calculator? The 1-way ANOVA is incredibly simple, but for some reason I cannot figure out a way to do 2-way. Thank you.
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    Bayes, and the Horse He Rode In On

    A professor presented this question: "If a cancer screen comes back positive in 68 of 75 cases of actual cancer and in 5 of 191 cases of no cancer, when the actual cancer rate in the total sample is 1/3, what is the probability of a false negative test result (patient has cancer but test comes...