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    Modeling and predicting pathology from multivariate clinical data

    Hello, I have a clinical data set that consists of 5 clinical measurements on thousands of tissue samples. Furthermore, each sample has a pathology diagnosis that is 1 of 5 possible diagnoses (all different types of tumors). I am interested in predicting which pathologic class future samples...
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    Cox's regression

    Hello, I have some experimental data for animals with tumours. Unfortunately, they were not followed individually during a time course, but evaluated as groups. As a result, I have 6 predictors only for animals that have survived for each time point. I would like to test which of these...
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    [Multinomial Distribution] Help with applying Multinomial to a biological problem

    Hello all, I need help with a stats question I'm trying to solve for a biological question. Say you have a town and each street on it will have a different number of bins. In each bin you will find a different number of baseballs, most...