categorical interaction

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    Categorical variables in SPSS - Chi-square and then what?

    Good morning from Portugal! I´m a biologist and I use SPSS for my statistical analysis. I have some categorical data from questionnaires and made a chi-square analysis (most of the data had assumptions violated, so I used Fisher´s Exact test instead) followed by Phi or Cramer´s V to analyse the...
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    Including categorical interactions in mi impute passively

    Version: Stata MP 13.0 I wish to impute something like this... mi register imputed a b c d e f mi impute chained (reg, include((d##e)) a b c (mlogit) d e f, add(1) .... I do not wish to impute d##e as it has too many categories but wish to passively use it in the imputation of a, b...