categorical predictor

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    How do I determine the minimum number of observations needed per category in categorical predictor variables?

    When conducting a simple linear regression analysis with one categorical predictor variable and power projected at .80, G*Power suggests a minimum sample size of n = 55. Now, assume that the predictor has three categories, and that I obtain 55 necessary responses. What does it mean for the...
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    interpretation of regression coefficients in categorical*continuous interaction

    Hello, I have been struggling with the interpretation of the coefficients in my multiple regression model and I hope you can help me with that! Thanks in advance for reading the long explanation that follows and for thinking along! I have 4 predictors in my model: 1 binary categorical...
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    categorical predictor variable with many categories

    I want to test the ability of a categorical variable, which has many categories, to predict the outcome of a continuous variable. Specifically, I want to see if diagnostic category (10 different diagnoses) predicts a treatment outcome. After wading through many different sites and texts, I'm...