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    Stats Novice: Appropriate statistical test for categorical dependent variable with unpaired control/treatment IV?

    Hello! I am very new to statistics and am trying to figure out the appropriate statistical test to use for a small study. We only have 38 participants. Half are in the control group (placebo), half are in the treatment group, and the groups are unpaired. Both groups have severity score outcomes...
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    Which statistical test?

    Which test can I use for analyzing the effect of a categorical independent variable, such as preoperative ASA score (1/2/3/4), on a binary dependent variable, such as postoperative complication (yes/no)? I know that the chi squared test is an option, but this test does not tell me if the...
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    one numerical and three categorical variables - which test?

    I am looking at the relation between the distance from archaeological sites to their nearest water source. I have three types of water sources (the categorical data) and a list of many sites, each with a numerical distance value to the closest water sources. I want to know if there's a...
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    Categorical variable ; pre and post intervention

    Hi all, I really need help with this one. I am trying to see if my population change their alcohol habits between before and after an psychosocial intervention. We asked the participants : how many days per week do you consume alcohol ? a. Never b. 1 to 2 days per week c. 3 to 4 days per...
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    Categorical dependent variable with four levels, and continous independent variables - what test do I use?

    I have a categorical dependent variable with four levels (level 1 mild to level 4 severe) and want to test the effect of two independent, continous variables on this. Normally, I would use multiple regression, but I heard that you have to use logistic regression (which I never used) if the DV is...
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    Choosing a statistical test when study includes both continuous and categorical variables

    Can logistic and linear regression be used when there are both continuous and categorical predictors? Is there any benefit to starting with ANOVA/t-test/chi-square?
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    How to check for multicolinearity between two categorical variables when their contingency table contains many zero entries?

    Problem: I have to build a multiple regression model where most of my predictor (independent) variables are categorical (nominal) but I'm running into a few problems due to some of the predictors being (perfectly) colinear. So I need to check for multicolinearity and remove redundant predictors...
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    Relationship between a variable with categories and a variable with numbers?

    In SPSS, is there a way to find out if there is a siginificant relationship between symptoms (on a scale from 0-3, with 3 = the worst) and hospital stay ("yes" or "no") are related?
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    Can I use chi-square for one nominal and one ordinal variable?

    Can I use chi-square test of independence if one variable is nominal and the other is ordinal, or do both have to be nominal?
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    Is there a Correlation metric for Categorical vs Numerical features?

    I've been searching for some time for a correlation metric analogous to the Pearson correlation value for numerical vs numerical features, or Cramér's V for categorical vs categorical features, but this time for categorical vs numerical features. This is my toy data example in Python, where...
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    Converting a continuous variable into a categorical variable (low, medium, high)

    I have a continuous dependent variable (scores on an exam) and a number of predictor variables that I'd like to use in a regression analysis, such as gender, age, and income. I'd like to convert age and income into categorical variables: low, medium, and high. I'd like to do this using...
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    Choosing the correct analysis

    Hi everyone, Really needing help with choosing the right analysis for my variables. Background: I'm looking at the difference in amplitude for reaction times of negative, positive, and neutral words. The IV: reaction times (negative, positive, neutral words) The DV: amplitude...
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    Categorical or Continuous ?

    Hello everyone, I have done an experiment in Ergonomics and now I'm dealing with the analysis. It's about a manual lifting task and heart rate recovery time. I have one main response which is heart rate recovery in minutes (obviously continuous), and three Indep variables: weight of the...
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    Cohen's Kappa on Categorical Data in R - Gestural Repertoires

    Hi There, First time user here. I am a Master's student of Primatology, I wasn't sure Psychology Stats was the way to go but it seems to fit better than Biostatistics for my question. My thesis is the gestural communication and social cognition of captive northern white-cheeked gibbons...
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    Repeated Measures model with Covariates

    Hi Everyone, i am struggling with finding a good way to analyze a dataset. The design is this: I have 25(n) subjects, all of them are tested in an experiment under 9 conditions. I estimate an electrophysiological index (idx) in every condition for each subject. Now I want to ask whether the...
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    Outliers in categorical data?

    Hello! I am working on a pre-analysis plan and have to specify what I am going to do with outliers. I have two categorical variables (5 levels and 2 levels) and I will be performing a chi-square test for independence. I thought of using a boxplot to detect outliers, but now I am not sure...
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    How to keep omitted categorical variable on clogit model??

    Currently I am doing choice experiment modelling using conditional logistic model. I am treating all of my attributes as categorical variables. Therefore I run this command using Stata14: clogit most i.benefit i.distribution i.duration i.restriction i.participation, group(respqu) However, I...
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    [AMOS] Model with a categorical IV

    Hi all, I am looking for some AMOS advice regarding an experiment I've conducted, with a categorical IV. How should I include this categorical IV in AMOS? Experiment background: Participants in the experiment received a news item about brand A, brand B, or brand C (3 different types of...
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    TTEST vs Logistic Regression

    I have seen some posts here with the same title but I believe my problem is different: I am unsure whether to conduct a 2 sample ttest or a logistic regression because I am unsure of which variable should be my outcome and which should be my predictor variable. The problem: There are 5...
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    Help with the level of measurement for correct/incorrect answers

    Please, help bring in some lucidity and fill in any possible gaps in my reasoning. The research assessed the participants' recall of a narrative story. One day after the presentation of the narrative, the participants were given the memory test. Their answers to some of the questions are then...