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    2 independent categorical variables. What test do I use?

    Sorry if this has been asked before, if it has I couldn't find it. Also excuse me if I mix up terms, I'm a bit of a novice. My experiment had two categorical independent variables. 1.)The feeding history of the fly (protein fed or sugar fed) 2.)The type of substrate tested for preference...
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    I'm stuck: How to 'bin' multiple binary variables and analyze within subject

    Hi, I have what feels like it should be a very easy analysis to work out, but I've been trying for hours and I can't figure it out. I'm using SPSS by the way. I have 10 different (different objects) binary response variables (yes/no) that I need to turn into two different groups for...
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    parameter estimate of categorical variable

    I run multiple regression with 2 continuous and 1 categorical variable (3 levels). SAS will hold the last level of the categorical variable and will not give an estimate. I know that this is the intercept. My question is how to calculate the interaction of the continuous variable with the 3rd...
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    What is the effect of categorising categorical data as numerical data?

    If I'm doing a PCA and I have categorical data as well as numeric but code it all up as numeric what is the issue?
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    Probing an Interaction b/w 3-level categ. predictor and continuous predictor

    Hello! I'm a bit stuck and have scoured the internet for help but to no avail. Any guidance would be much appreciated ... From my omnibus model, I get a significant interaction between my experimental condition assignment (3 level categorical predictor) and Ps' measure of tolerance to...
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    ANOVA or Regression? and how to put data in SPSS in order to perform the test?

    I am doing research about recycling and want to know the relationship between recycling costs of some electronic products and the composition of these products. I have 150 products like mobiles, fridges, microwaves...etc. For each product, I have the data about the components (plastics...
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    Test of independence for repeated, non-random, naturally observed samples

    I have collected behavior mapping data from 40 similar children of one school, in 10 different days and 3 different settings. The observation is systematic and based on children's natural play behavior during recess. The issue that concerns me is should I consider my collected data in each day...
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    (categorical data - small sample) Appropriate test(s)?

    Greetings! I have a small sample (11 responses) of categorical data. I want to compare a binary response (near vs. far) to a nominal response (disease 1,2,3,4,etc.), and see if there is any dependence. Chi-square has given me a poor response with expected cell counts below 1. I looked at...
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    SPSS significance test between two categorical variable and one nominal DV

    Hi experts, I have two IV: Gender + Age. Gender: Male, Female Age: Children, Youth, Adults, Seniors DV: Appointment: 0 = no-show, 1 = show I already did a multivariate logistic regression between the IV's and the DV. They are significant with each other. ... Now what I want to do...
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    Categorical variable as dependent variable

    I have a categorical variable which is like: "How much do you like the sun?" 1 not at all 2 not a great deal 3 neither/nor 4 quite a lot 5 a great deal How should one deal with it if this is the dependent variable? I thought about two ways: (a) Make a dummy variable...
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    Urgent Help Needed- Interpretation of Categorical Variables

    Thank you for taking the time to read this!! I am really stuck with a regression I am doing for my dissertation. Basically it is the categorical variable that is confusing me. The categorical variable 'industry' has three levels - yes, no, or next (indicating whether there is or isnt...
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    In need of help with choosing a statistical test for dissertation results!!

    Thanks again for the help. Only had time to do spearman's but worked out well
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    Within-Subjects for categorical data

    Hello, I am struggling to find a suitable statistic test for one of my studies: I have 4 different conditions, and I want to test if my results differ on those conditions. When the dependent variable is continuous it is easy to find a statistical test; however when it is a categorical variable...