causal inference

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    Which exploratory approach for paired binary data sets, multiple items in 2 categories, patterns in one category explaining patterns in the other ?

    Hello everyone, Problem : We have collected a nice set of data but we don't know for sure how to deal with it ! (Yes... not the right way to proceed indeed, but thats the situation right now...) Context : Our structure provides help to health professionals (physicians) for situations that they...
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    Asking causal questions directly vs measuring variables in a survey

    Hi all, is it okay to ask causal questions like "Does A cause B?" directly as survey questions instead of asking question that measure A and B separately and then analyzing the correlation/causation between them? To explain: I have several hypotheses that look like "A causes B", say...
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    Causal inference and survival analysis coursework

    Hey all, I'm an undergrad statistics student with an interest in causal inference topics such as propensity score analysis and instrument variable analysis as well as survival analysis. The stats department at my school is OK but I'm yet to meet someone who can help guide me towards these...