central tendancy

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    Response time - what is the best central tendency measure?

    I have a bunch of people working under me. I give them some tasks to complete on a regular basis. Some of the tasks are time bound and some aren't. I want to find a "measure" that best captures the response time of each employee. Finally based on this measure I want to see who is the best and...
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    computing mode of a density function in R

    I want to compute mode of the following distribution in R. But i think my procedure is not correct to compute it . f <- function(x)(3/7)*x^2 #1<x<2 x=seq(1,2,length=5000) y = f(x) d = data.frame(x,y) d$x[d$y==max(d$y)]
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    Measure Variability of data points

    I'm struggling to find the appropriate solution to a project that I'm working on. I am trying measure the variability of lead time on products that we purchase I can't figure out what an appropriate calculation would be. Below are some of the details. - I'm trying to compare vendors. Some...