1. R

    Statistical analysis of scientific data

    Dear All, Hi, I am doing PhD in the field of material science. I want to know what kind of statistical method I can apply to interpret results of my experiment. Suppose, I have 30 samples and there are about 15 properties associated with each of these samples. With this post, I want to attach...
  2. K

    Applying Statistical Methods to Biophysical Chemistry Research, IDP Ensembles

    Hello! I am a second-year chemistry graduate student studying intrinsically disordered proteins (IDPs). IDPs do not adopt a stable folded state at equilibrium, and instead sample an ensemble of conformations (structures). We have recently made use of a software program to generate conformational...
  3. U

    Comparing linear regressions - what method to use?

    I have a number of measurements of the initial reaction rate of x reactions. Assuming linearity until t = y gives me x linear regressions with different slopes (k). How can I test if there is a significant difference between these k-values? Hope someone can help!
  4. Y

    Question related to MS Statistics

    Hi, I have a B.S in Chemistry with a minor in Math. I'm planning to get an M.S in Applied Statistics, but before that I want to have some work experience. So what kind of work would be good for me? Is market research good? I want to work in industry in the future. Thanks!