chi sq test

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    Goodness of fit test for a normal ditribution

    In the example from a site I was trying out this problem in page 107 about Goodness of fit test for a normal distribution.Question is about analysis of fat content of hambergers. I understand that we need to have the two...
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    Post-hoc Power, effect size for Chi-square

    I need help with my post-hoc power analysis, specifically the effect size: I measure children's successrate under four conditions. My dependent variable is nominal (specifically binary, with the values 0 (failed) and 1(succeeded)) My independent variable is nominal with four categories. My...
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    average p values???

    I have to compare demographics of a study that was s . In the "pre" group, I have 385 patients, in the post group, I have 317 patients. No patients are the same; I also took all of their ethnicities and compiled it into my MS excel spread via 0, 1, 2, 3...