classification methods

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    Using Bayesian statistics to improve classification task

    I have a question regarding a classification problem that I think it can be addressed using Bayesian statistics, but I am not familiar with Bayesian statistics and it would be great to get some support. Suppose a traditional medical test says that the probability of a random sample of patients...
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    PyCM : New statistical analysis library for post classification in Python

    A classifier is expected to face with many datasets with different characteristics such as being unbalanced. Besides, their missions are different, for example, categorizing data into just two classes or more than two. There are many different parameters for evaluating the performance of a...
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    Compare different methods for classifying two datasets

    I'm not sure if this question is Applied Statistics, my apologies if it isn't. I have different implementations of different classification models (Discriminant Analsis, SVM, Neural Networks, Decision trees, etc) a total of 40 implementations and I need to compare them in two different sets...