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    conditional logit model_help with data interpretation

    0 down vote favorite I have performed a clogit following the instruction of Aizaki et al.2012 but I am not sure on how to interpret some results that seems quite strange. A brief explanation of what I am trying to do:I am looking at the tourist preference on different mountain habitat in...
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    How to keep omitted categorical variable on clogit model??

    Currently I am doing choice experiment modelling using conditional logistic model. I am treating all of my attributes as categorical variables. Therefore I run this command using Stata14: clogit most i.benefit i.distribution i.duration i.restriction i.participation, group(respqu) However, I...
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    Collinearity using clogit

    Hi, My statistical support has gone on long term sick, and I am kind of stuck mid-analysis, so was hoping someone here could help me. I am a health professional, and my basic grasp of stats is not helping me with this problem! I did do a search for my question, both via Google and on the...