cluster analysis

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    How to create graph showing PCA with groups from Cluster analysis?

    Yet again I have run into another wall. I am doing a project for uni and have came across a problem, I am looking to build a graph with PCA scores (2 components, so pca1 VS pca2). I also need to label the scores with what group they belong to, after having done a cluster analysis. Is this even...
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    Once completing a PCA on a dataset how do I go about adding the PCA scores to data?

    I am only new to STATA and was wondering once I have completed a PCA on my dataset, how do I see the scores on the dataset? (The data tab at the top beside the graphics tab) Also while I am here, after completing a cluster analysis and dendrogram how do I reduce it down to 6 groups (6 groups is...
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    Subspace clustering

    Hello, Could you recommed me book about subspace clustering?
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    SPSS- cross validation of cluster analysis

    In SPSS, I conducted Ward’s method of hierarchical cluster analysis based on squared Euclidean distances followed by k-means nonhierarchical clustering. I am now in the process of validating my final cluster solution by using a cross-validation of a random 50% of the sample. I was able to...
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    Distance measures in cluster analysis

    Hi, I conducted a k-means cluster analysis, which included each person's Euclidean distance from the centroid of his/her assigned cluster. Is there a way to calculate each person's distance from the centroid of a DIFFERENT cluster than his/her assigned cluster? In other words, if a person...
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    Sas, gowers, cluster help

    I am a graduate student new to SAS. I have a data set of skeletal remains and genetic traits on their bones. I need to import the data, then use Gower to take my nominal and ordinal variables and create a biodistance score. After creating the matrix, I would like to do some cluster analysis...
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    Evaluating clusters of variables produced by varclus & hclustvar

    Background - I want to cluster analyze a mixed dataset, clustering the variables on the basis of correlational similarity. SPSS gives me this option, but doesn't allow me to evaluate the clustering solutions by providing statistical measures of heterogeneity change (e.g. pseudo F statistic) or...
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    How to proceed analysing survey data

    Dear All, I am new to survey analysis and trying to analyse some survey data based on individual and their knowledge on their local leaders. I have data such as city, nature of employment of the individual, the kind of items (a fridge or a TV) they have at home, the activities they take part...
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    Performing comparisons after a cluster analysis

    I have a data set of N subjects, and P variables, with some vars measuring performance on a task, and some measuring subjects' intrinsic characteristic. Each of the performance variables consists of the proportion of correct responses (range 0 to 1.0) to some set of questions. The characteristic...
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    How to group variables for regression analysis?

    Hi all, Here's my problem: I have 6 variables: Sex (1,2), Age (18, 18, 19, 21, 25, 25, etc), and four variables describing physical parameters; W, X, Y are continuous (1.2323, .0423, etc), and Z is a mean with a standard deviation. FYI, these are bone measurements. These four variables...
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    Correlation analysis

    Hi, First I have to apologise for the probably stupid question, but my statistic knowledge is pretty much 0 and after searching for an answer for hours, I simply gave up and thought I rather ask here, although I'm sure that a lot of people asked the same question before... I have two datasets...
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    No dendrogram in two-step cluster analysis SPSS v20

    Hi, My two-step cluster analysis does not return a dendrogram or any tables. Could somebody please tell me what I'm doing wrong? I am running SPSS v20 and have a mixture of categorical and continuous variables. Thank you so much, Angela
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    Cluster analysis - using statistiXL package for excel - how to determine a cluster

    Hello, I have a fairly basic question. I've used the trial package of statisiXL for excel to run a cluster analysis on the following data: 9 elements (Na, Ca, etc..) were measured at 100 occasions, so 900 measurement points in total. All have a similar range. Used settings: Quantitative...
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    Cluster Sampling and Standard Errors

    I looked around to find the answer on this site but did not find any, so I apologize if this has been discusses recently and would welcome redirection. My question deal with descriptive and inferential statistics and Cluster Samples. I was given 6 data sets which I got statistics for but my...
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    Help With The Preffered Package Type Assessment

    Hello there to everyone! I have the question concerning the underlying data analysis methodology. Here is the small introduction. There is a data from the e-commerce site about its customers' purchases and there are 875 observations total. Each observation consists of 5 values. Scales of value...
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    Interpretation of low, negative, cubic clustering criterion values

    Hello all, My question is how do you use the cubic clustering criterion to assist in selecting an appropriate number of clusters when the values are all negative? I know that when they are positive you look for peaks in the values to indicate a demarcation point. However, when they are...
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    Test-retest sample size, factor analysis and cluster analysis

    Hello, I am developing psychometric questionnaire to assess project manager competencies in the region (which they actualy have - not state they do). I`ve backed up my questions with some previous research - there is about 140 competencies grouped in 8 "blocks" (individuality excluded). I`ve...
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    What kind of analysis to use in SPSS for finding out groups/grouping

    I am new to SPSS and would appreciate some help with a dilemma I have. My reseach question is about elderly people and I have to find out underlying groups. The group data comes from a questionnaire. I have thought about cluster analysis, but the thing is that I would like to search perceived...
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    Cluster Analysis to detect motivated and non-motivated participants?

    Dear all I have questions about cluster design and wondering if I can get some advice from you. I have done a research investigating the correlation between spatial ability and memory capacity. I found there was a moderate correlation between these two variables. When I presented the...
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    Finding Variable Pattern within Predefined Clusters

    I have this unique situation where I have predefined clusters (based on certain attributes - that I cant get due to certain restrictions). For each record within each cluster I have a set of financial variable. These clusters were defined on some historical financial variables. So now I want a...