cluster analysis

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    Cluster analysis vs multicolinearity

    Hi you all, I hope you can help me with this following problem: 1. I've runned an factor analysis on my data for fifteen "need" items for sugar and sweets, with some knowledge from the company where I work for and background theorie, these items resulted in four factors. 2. Between these...
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    Examining leakage/move of cases between two cluster analysis solutions

    Hello! I am looking for the right type of analysis for the following issue. I have conducted two different types of cluster analysis on the same sample and variables. Inevitably, some cases have moved from the one cluster to the other. HOW can I observe this differences? Namely, three people...
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    selecting variables for a cluster analysis

    The situation is as follows: 1) My participants (aprox N = 80) produced written answers for a complex problem. 2) I content-coded these answers through a 11-code scheme. Some of these codes are binary (i.e. content present = 1, content absent = 0), while other codes are categorical with 3 to 5...