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    Regression with two fixed effects in STATA 11

    Hello, I need to run a standard econometric model (a standard panel regression) with two fixed effects in STATA 11. Could you please help me and tell me what is the code that i need to input. The fixed effect variables are country and year. Thank you in advance!
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    While-loop (with an example)

    Hello! I am trying to understand the concepts of while-loops for programming, and was watching this tutorial on youtube. The example was given in Matlab (which I believe has a similar syntax to R): bal = 5000; year = 0; while bal<1000000 bal = 1.08*bal + 5000; year = year + 1; end...
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    p-value for bootstrap logistic regression

    I am new with sas and I'm doing logistic regression with several predictive variables. I am using the following code; proc surveyselect data=subset method=urs samprate=1 rep=1000 out=boot; run; proc logistic data=boot outest=estimates ; model uq7_maxabin(event='1')= uq7_base v6500...
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    Help learning r

    Good Day all, i just joined this forum, it the help of learning R,and just a wbie to R,learning on my own.I understand how to do various plot now,reading data into r.i want to learn function in R.i have the below data i want to start with. SN date company shareprice 1...