coin toss

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    13x times coin toss (most frequent sequence)

    hi everyone :)Im trying to figure out something but i dont know how to start calculating it...Can someone show me the way how to figure out or calculate the most frequently appearing order in a coin toss game of 13x times? What are the most appering sequences of heads or tails in a 13x row coin...
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    Umpa Lumpa Backstory ~ Flipping Coins for $$$.

    10,000 Umpa Lumpas, are flipping coins in a football stadium. (yes, from Willy Wonka fame, I figured they're tireless workers and enjoy mundane tasks. Just roll with it.) They are trying to establish streaks of either heads or tails. A streak of 15 consecutive heads or tails, earns the...
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    Normal Approximation question

    1) A fair coin is tossed 600 times. What is the probability that the number of heads will be between 290 and 310? (I have the answer, but I need help with the calculations of certain parts of the answer) Answer: p = 0.5, n = 600 ---------> I don't know how to calculate p mean...