comparing means

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    Help - which test should I use?

    Hi! I have some data, and I am not sure which statistical test I should use. The data comes from a survey. In the survey the respondents (dentists) was presented for two different cases in which the cases differed slightly in how they would carry out an hypothetical case - would they perform...
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    Comparing several means pre and post intervention - MANOVA?

    Hi, I am looking to analyse some data I have collected for a piece of research. I wanted to evaluate the impact of a Mindfulness intervention upon the participants ability to be Mindful, as well as their levels of depression, anxiety and stress. My directional hypotheses were that the...
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    How to calculate sample size and effect size for comparing means from two groups

    Hi all, hoping i can find some answers here for a bit of a problem i am having regarding a sample size calculation for a study I am soon to conduct. The population size is 64 and fixed. 32 control and 32 intervention. No drop outs will occur in this trial. There will be a pre (baseline) test...
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    Choosing test for dependent anonymous sample comparisons

    I have data collected each year from 2010-2015. In this data I have demographic information and a self-reported score on a 5 pt Likert scale. The surveys were anonymous but I know that many of the same people were surveyed each year. I would like to compare the self-reported score across years...
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    choosing the right statistical test for comparing data, when do you use which test

    Hello all, I would like some feedback on the right approach of analysing data, comparing means of groups of data. Currently I work with the following 5 steps to analyse my data. Is this approach correct or how do you analyse your data if you do it differently? 1) I test for normality...
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    comparing means when the control group has 2 subsets of data

    Hi there I have prospective study looking at functionality after an injury; let's say a big toe injury. I have the injured group (N=44) that has suffered an injury on one big toe (the other foot is "non-injured"), and control group with healthy toes (N=15). I have a functionality score for the...
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    N needed comparing groups in linear regression with many covariates-do I have to few?

    I have two easy, but for me at this point rather devastating, questions I was hoping for one kind hearted or bright individual,or two, to reply on. I'm doing a study with data from a national representative population study. The design is cross-sectional. I've run into serious troubles with...
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    Which test to use

    Dear All I am a language teacher, and am confused about what test to use for my study. I have test scores of five skills. I want to know which skills my students are good at and which skills they are poor in. Any test of comparison that could help me????? Please respond Rashid
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    Comparing means with known standard deviation known

    1). The average number of pages for a simple random sample of 20 physics textbooks is 435. The average number of pages for a simple random sample of 25 mathematics textbooks is 404. Assume that all page length for each types of textbooks is normally distributed. The standard deviation of page...
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    Appropriate analyses

    Hi I'm writing a protocol and need help to determine what analyses I would need to conduct. I am looking at the effects of false negative prenatal screening on parents of children with Down's Syndrome. I have three groups to compare; those who received the FN results, those who were offered...