compositional data

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    Constant sum question - results analysis

    I ran a study with a constant sum question: participants had to divide 100 units (I called the units USD) between 5 possibilities. In other words, they had to bet on five possibilities: 1 object out of 5 has a property vs. 2 objects out of 5 have a property vs. 3 objects out of five have a...
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    PCA for Compositional Data using R

    Good evening! As the title suggest, I'm approaching to PCA for compositional Data. The dataset is about 5200 proteins for which is recorded a value for the chromatography in 30 intervals (obviously, the sum of every row is equal to 1). According to Aitchison's theory, I scaled data with...
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    Difference in mean for compositional data

    How do you test for a different mean between groups in composititions?