confusion matrix;

  1. victorxstc

    ROC curve from an array of Confusion Matrices (true positive rate and false positive rate)

    How can us create an ROC curve from confusion matrices?
  2. S

    PyCM : New statistical analysis library for post classification in Python

    A classifier is expected to face with many datasets with different characteristics such as being unbalanced. Besides, their missions are different, for example, categorizing data into just two classes or more than two. There are many different parameters for evaluating the performance of a...
  3. A

    How to find weber fractions from a confusion matrix

    I have a confusion matrix for a 4 class classification problem which looks this: My hypothesis is that group 3 is easiest to classify. Somebody suggested me that I can find weber fractions from this confusion matrix and perform further statistical analysis. I am unable to understand how I...
  4. S

    Confusion Matrix

    Hi everyone, I have a question involving confusion matrix's I'm unsure on how to answer. A programmer runs 1000 files of his Java code through a code analysing tool. This tool predicts that 37 of these files contain a bad code smell. It is discovered that a. Only 25 of the 35 files predicted...