conjoint analysis

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    Conjoint Analysis

    I have 10 attributes with three factors each. I have used orthogonal design to create different cards/scenarios for these attributes. However, I have used conjoint analysis to analyse my results base on these different attributes. My question is: Is there a way I can use conjoint analysis to run...
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    Choice-based conjoint (CBC) - randomized design

    I need some advice re/ randomized designs in CBC: In my CBC, I have n = 220 and 10 pair-wise comparisons, i.e., each respondent evaluates 20 choice options in 10 choice tasks. Each choice options has 5 attributes á 3 levels. In my pre-study, I used a d-optimal fractional design generated by...
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    Conjoint analysis: bias due to no-choice option and linear attribute

    At the moment I am analysing survey data using Bayesian estimation in R (bayesm package) For my analysis, I have included a no-choice option (NoneOpt) that is coded as a series of zeros. However, I also have a price attribute (Delivery.costs). What I actually want to do is keep the price...
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    Multilevel regression or Conjoint analysis

    Hi. We have made a survey to find out if men have a more positive thinking of protein than woman with a rating of some products which ranges from 1 to 7 as a health perception. We have made some levels of "High, Medium and low" of all the three macronutriens (Protein, Carbs and fat)...
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    Cluster analysis with conjoint analysis data

    Hello everybody, My team and I have an assignment to run a conjoint analysis with SPSS. So far, we were able to make the orthogonal design to generate 16 cards and run a survey with respondents. Then, we were able to run the conjoint analysis in SPSS to get the Utility for each attribute...
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    [Conjoint Analysis] Measuring (cognitive) cost functions instead of value functions?

    Hello :wave:, usually one uses Conjoint Analysis, like in my case ACBC (Adaptive Choice Based Conjoint) in order to measure preferences and estimate utility or value functions. There are a number of attributes and attribute levels that provide value and a price (usually providing negative...
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    Use of holdout cases generated in SPSS in STATA

    I am working on consumer preferences for fish, using conjoint analysis. My experimental design was generated in spss using orthogonal design, but my analysis has to be done in STATA. I need clarification if STATA will recognize the holdout cases that would have been used to validate the model in...
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    Likert Scale vs Conjoint Analysis. Which to use?

    Dear Forum professors, I am planning to conduct a questionnaire to obtain information of a tenant's perspective on management in a building. I would need to ask the tenants to fill up the questionnaire about how important they think each element in a management is. The sample size will be (n...
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    Simulation with Conjoint Analysis

    Hi everyone, With SPSS when I run a simulation with conjoint analysis I got this message: "142 out of 155 subjects are used in the Bradley-Terry-Luce and Logit methods because these subjects have all nonnegative scores". I think SPSS excluded those respondents because their simulated...
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    Choice Based Conjoint -MNL

    Is it possible to run a Choice Based Conjoint analysis with SPSS? Otherwise if not possible would it be the same running a Multinomial Logistic regression? Does MLN provide the same info of Conjoint analyses (attributes importance, simulation of preference etc) Thanks in advance, Fabio
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    using utilities of different attribute levels (from conjoint analysis) in regression?

    In short, I am trying to measure factors influencing an intention-to-purchase a product, with use of a regression. However, some of my constructs were measured with conjoint analysis and resulted in a couple of variables with utility values for all of them. What I mean is that e.g. if I have...
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    For Coca Cola project-Need help with SPSS

    I desperately need help with my project analysis. I have tried doing factor analysis on the data I have, but it shows up errors and the output is not even processing. My submission is on 28th. I have to finish factor analysis, conjoint analysis, logistic regression based on this data that I...