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    How to choose analyzing method using discrete/categorical and continous variables?

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  2. J

    Poisson model on moving averages: non-discrete

    I have a model that is based on counts of cases. It follows a poisson distribution quite well but we are unhappy about the results of the model. In order to improve it we wanted to use moving averages of the counts instead of the counts themselves as the dependent variable, but this changes my...
  3. Eaners

    Choosing an appropriate test: MANOVA? ANCOVA? Something else?

    I am performing a "dry run" statistical analysis on my dissertation data pretest, and I'm looking for a little guidance regarding the specific analyses I need to perform. I have three primary variables: Environment. Categorical, 1 of 3 conditions. Independent, assigned by experimenter...
  4. D

    plots for hazard ratios / continuous variables

    Hello everyone, Somebody knows which kind of plots could I create to display a set of hazard ratios for continuous variables. I used to use forest plots for groups of comparison, but it's more suitable for categorical variables. Thanks for your help
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    COX models and continuous variables

    Hello everyone. I have a simple and basic question about cox model. When I introduce a continuous variable in the model, the hazard ratio assessed for this variable relates the increase (decrease) of the risk after an increase of one unit of the continuous variable. How to extrapolate for more...
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    What test to use? – two continuous variables by one categorical - Stata

    Hi! Is there any way to test to see if a laboratory blood value is different between people in 2 categories while considering age? I am using Stata. For example, here is what I have done considering a categorical variable (instead of age): I also wanted to look at the difference in...
  7. S

    Continuous by contiuous interaction and non-linearity in OLS

    To whom it may concern: I am conducting an OLS for a class assignment and have an interaction between ADHD and non-delinquent peers. I have tested for the assumption of linearity and it is violated for the non-delinquent peers measure. I spoke with my professor about what to do, but it...
  8. P

    repeated measures ANOVA with covariate

    Hello everyone, just one quick question. I'm sure somebody knows how to do this. I conducted a repeated measures ANOVA and added a continuous covariate. Now there is a significant main effect of that continuous covariate. If I report that main effect I need to say something about its...
  9. A

    Simple effects for 3-way interaction

    Hi, I'm doing a regression analysis with a continuous outcome variable (motivation), 2 continuous predictor variables (income and age), and 1 dichotomous predictor variable (condition). I have determined that there is a significant 3-way interaction, and that in both conditions, there are...
  10. Y

    Non-parametric statistical test with two nominal variables

    Hello everyone,:wave: I have the following data: feces density of a carnivore species subdivided according to sex. I am looking for appropriate test suggestions. I have calculated the density according to main habitat types, topography, and road types. To determine if results are...
  11. L

    Normal probability question help

    Hello Statisticians! I would really really appreciate any help with this question: Q. The grade a student receives in an exam is given my a normal distribution with mean 3.5 and variance 1/16. 1. Find the probability the the student scores between 3.4 and 3.6 for an individual course...
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    Graphical Interpretation of an Interaction Effect

    Hello, I have included an interaction term in my regression and was hoping to graphically interpret it as my variables are continuous. I found a helpful do file from Golder's paper 'Understanding Interaction Effects' but I tried to do the graph and Stata didn't accept the graphical commands...
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    Categorical vs Continuous variables

    Hello, Here is my statistical dilemma. I have a group of data comprising of several variables I am analyzing by help of SPSS v21. Some of the variables are discrete eg. Habitat, Marital Status, Employment, Use of substance. The 3 response (dependent) variables are essentially continuous which...