continuous variables

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    Generalized linear mixed model, continuous variable, zero values

    Hello, I have conducted a longitudinal study with four waves of data collection. My data have a nested structure: there are four levels in my data (time - level 1, student - level 2, class - level 3, school - level 4). Student sample size = 51 (no missing values) I want to fit generalized...
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    Two continuous variables (scores), one categorical variable (gender), how to test?

    I want to compare OCD scores (continuous variable) to PTSD scores (continuous variable), by gender (categorical). Basically I want to know whether OCD scores depend on PTSD scores and gender. What can I use for this? I know I can't use two-way ANOVA because I have one continuous independent...
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    Regression with Continuous and Dummy Independent Variables

    Dear Colleagues, I am running a multivariate linear regression analysis but got stuck with this situation. I have one dependent variable (which is continuous) and several independent variables. Three of them are continuous and three of them are dummy variables (they have values of 1 and 0)...