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    Can I correlate multiple variables as a whole?

    Hello, i have 2 questionnaires. The first questionnaire is about anger and contains 34 questions (all questions have 1-4 scale, from never to always). The 2nd questionnaire is about anxiety and contains 20 questions (all questions are in a 1-4 scale, from never to always). I want to correlate...
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    A question regarding correlation

    I have a short question regarding the data analysis. I have 2 data sets. The first one is a signal which is yes / no / maybe and a second one is a data set which is response tot his signal in percentage. The percentage increases after each yes and maybe (Like a rain fact and plant disease...
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    SPSS: correlate or regression in broad form

    Hey! I was wondering, I have 5 dependent variables and 2 within subject factors with 2 conditions. These are in a broad structure in SPSS, which means i have 20 'SPSS variables'. Now i want to see if there is a correlation between any of the 5 dependent variables. Is it possible to do this in...