correlations; dependancy

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    Comparing between correlation coefficients

    Hi, I have experimental design which includes 3 dependent variables (Reading Mind in the Eyes test and 2 other measures of social cognition, for the matter of this thread lets call them A, B and C). They are continuous variables. The first research hypothesis was that following treatment...
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    Comparing correlations of impulsivity and age between genders

    Bonjour If you have two correlations: (i.e. a positive correlation between age and measures of impulsivity AND a positive correlation between age and measures of risk-taking behaviour), is it possible on SPSS to figure out if each correlation is more prevalent for males than for females...
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    How to eliminate the effect of a correlating variable

    I have two variables with a very strong negative correlation (on the order of -.80). Variable A is my key variable, the variable I want to use for measurement purposes, it is a percentage; I would like to come up with some way to remove the dependence on the second variable (an integer between...