correspondence analysis

  1. A

    Can you use factor analysis on a table has count data?

    I am working on a project where my predecesor has been analyzing a table of rows by columns of count data. Brands represent the columns, and statements about those brands represent the rows. The cells contain count data where people who have consumed one of 10 brands have endorsed one of 10...
  2. zstatman

    Perceptual Map using binary outcomes

    I have 10 classes of drugs and within each there are a series of characteristics, e.g., color, aroma, strength and then for each the respondent notes if wanted or not, a binary response and need to display a response map by drug thus 10 maps. The data received looks like this for each drug (Yup...
  3. M

    Multivariate Statistic: Linear or unimodal relationship?

    Hi, if I want to analyze a multivariate dataset, I have to choose between methods assuming a linear relationship between the outcome and underlying gradients (e.g. in PCA or RDA) or an unimodal relationship (e.g. in CA or CCA). Does somebody know if there are appropriate test statistics...
  4. R

    Multiple correspondence analysis with fuzzy coding

    Hello, I have a data set with six continuous variables. I would like to perform a multiple correspondence analysis (MCA) with fuzzy coding. I was able to create the fuzzy coding, so for each original variable I have three “dummy” variables ranging from 0 to 1. Apparently, I am missing a step...
  5. D

    Data Visualization - Further Step than Correspondence Analysis

    Hi, I've currently been using correspondence to visualize our different consumer groups with each other. I have been comparing my column groups (AA, BB, CC) with my row groups (A, B, C). The cross section of groups all have affinities with each other that I've been able to use XLSTAT to...
  6. J

    [SIGMAPLOT v12] correspondence analysis to gaussian curve

    A correspondence analysis was performed, which generated an X and a Y coordinate. I have a third value that I want to use as a Z coordinate. How can these three values be used to create a gaussian curve in SigmaPlot?
  7. A

    How to report Correspondence Analysis

    Hi. I'm busy with a scientific research honours thesis, and for my results the statistician at my university conducted a correspondence analysis with a scatterplot, and then also a table. The problem is, I have no idea how to report this in my write-up. I have looked on the internet again, and...
  8. Z

    Rotation in Multiple Correspondence Analysis (MCA)

    Hi, I am looking for an solution to rotate the axes in multiple correspondence analysis (MCA). I need - not only a display of the rotated solution in the output, - but also the saving of the scores of the rotated solution so that each case will have the appropriate coordinates. More in...
  9. J

    What GLM should is use in this dataset?

    Hi everyone and thank you! I'm not a student of statistics, i'm in a different but somehow related field. i'm doing this research, been reading books on advanced statistical methods, yet i'm still not sure, if what i've been doing are correct, or if i've used the appropriate methods to tackle...