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    What method for this problem? [Correlation / Correspondence]

    Hi, I have a data set like the following with some categorical/nominal values (like Gender and Age Group) and a ratio scaled value (DropOut, which is the week after registration in which a person dropped out of a program [so it's never zero or less, and it's not the calender week]): I want...
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    Data Visualization - Further Step than Correspondence Analysis

    Hi, I've currently been using correspondence to visualize our different consumer groups with each other. I have been comparing my column groups (AA, BB, CC) with my row groups (A, B, C). The cross section of groups all have affinities with each other that I've been able to use XLSTAT to...
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    SPSS Simple Correspondence Analysis

    I have two categorical variables viz. "Activities" (23 levels), and "Ratings" (5 levels). My data has been filtered on another categorical variable, "Locations" (4 levels). My issue is when I run CA, All biplots are constructed satisfactorily for all three locations (I use select cases, and then...