count dependent variable

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    Predicting count dependent variable

    I am trying to model a count dependent variable (0~60) with excessive zeros. The range of data is quite large, unbalanced and unbound, so classification is out of the question. The objective is prediction. I've tried some parametric statistical method such as Poisson Regression...
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    Count data, NP, between group post hoc comparisons in SPSS

    Some simple advice on non-parametric analysis needed... When comparing sets of count data, i.e. 6 treatments (independent var) applied to 30 samples per treatment, and the result is a count (dependent var) how are differences between treatments checked for in SPSS, i.e. a post hoc...
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    Help on count dependent variable

    Hello! I am new to this forum. I am bombarded by a lot of info on count DVs. Here are my variables: a. DV= firm-year observations. 7 years, 101 firms. I recorded the number of actions of a firm per year. The resulting measure is a Herfindhal-type of index since I measured the proportion of...