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    Population density variations across countries

    Hello, I am facing a problem for an independent variable for subnational population density in a view to make cross-national analysis across countries. My problem is that I have in my dataset some very densely populated metropolitan areas categorized as a region and great variability in my...
  2. G

    Create a dummy conditional on two other variables

    Hello there, I have data on European Union membership in the form of a dummy variable were eu_o = Origin is a member, eu_d=Destination is a member. I want to create another dummy variable that takes the value of 1 if both eu_o=eu_d=1. Is there a command to do this?
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    2 or 3 level multilevel model? Quick query

    Hi there, The title should read 3 or 4 level multilevel model, my apologies. I am estimating a multilevel model (in Stata). My goal is to examine the effects of the explanatory variables on the country level. My data is clustered within age cohorts and then countries with years clustered...