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    diversity accumulation curve

    How does sample coverage approach work with effective number of species?
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    Coverage Probability

    Let U0 denotes intercept variance and U1 denotes slope variance. Given that the coverage rate for the intercept variance is 91% (U0) , and the coverage rate for the slope variance is 91.2% (U1) . Also nominal coverage rate is 95%. Then it is written that I have not understood from the...
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    Calculating Non-Coverage Probability .

    Hi , I have a two-level model with one explanatory variable (X) on the respondent level, and one group-level explanatory variable (Z) . I am following this paper I am simulating data from the model . Three conditions are varied in the simulation...
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    Normalization of samples and fold change calculation

    Hi, I have 4 samples of read counts and i want to compare these samples to see different patterns. These samples are not standardized, so i have calculated the z-scores for each sample. I am not sure how i can compare them using this information and also to calculate fold change. Anyone who...