cronbach's alpha

  1. L

    Is cronbach alpha applicable ?

    Recently, I'm doing a pilot study for my questionnaires however I got 0.05 for my cronbach alpha. My questionnaires consist of two part : 1. Demographical parts ( also include things like likert scale) 2. BDI inventory ( Beck Depression Inventory) The problem is the result of SPSS told me...
  2. A

    Quick Cronbach's Alpha Question

    Hi all, This may seem like a silly question, but I was wondering if I should remove outliers prior to running reliability analysis or run the tests with outliers included. I am hoping to get a Cronbach's alpha values for three questionnaires that I used in my research.
  3. K

    Problem with the reliability analysis and factor analysis.

    Hi, As I am working on the statistical research for my graduation, I encountered two problems; 1) I am measuring two multi-dimensional concepts, and I used a factor analysis to measure the components. One of these concepts turned out to consist of 6 components. I regrouped all items...
  4. Eaners

    Cronbach's alpha: Same scale, multiple scenarios... special calculation needed?

    Hi everyone, I'm working on data for my dissertation and had a question regarding Cronbach's alpha. In a pretest, I asked just over 100 subjects to rate their perceptions of privacy of nine different environments. The scale used for each of the nine environments was the same six-item...
  5. P

    Reliability, validity, cronbach alpha figures for Method/measures section

    Hi, My research is on people on particular visas in the US, i.e., immigrants and mostly Asians. In my methods section when I write about the measures, where do I get the Reliability, validity, cronbach alpha figures from? Firstly, do I search for previous research on Asians or on...
  6. A

    Composite reliability vs Cronbach's alpha

    Hello Wondering if someone could clarify I'm developing a new measure with 10 constructs. Each construct has between 4 - 6 items. I've been assessing the reliability for each construct using both Cronbach's alpha and composite reliability scores. For most constructs, both...
  7. G

    Comparing Cronbach's alpha intraclass correlations with varying rater permutations

    I've done a study for my PhD comparing different methods/conditions that might affect inter-rater agreement when rating the creativity of other people's drawings. I had 600+ drawings that needed to be rated, so it wasn't feasible to have the same few people rate all the drawings. So 24 raters...
  8. R

    Which test of reliability to use?

    Hi, I am unsure of if I am to use different tests of reliability for different types of data sought by the same questionnaire, or if one test may be applicable to all of my data? I have a mixture of nominal and interval data. When testing the data using Alpha my results came back very low...
  9. O

    confused about factor analysis output

    Hi, I have 100 participants answering an aesthetic scale ( 8 items in the scale) in my data. The question is "rate the following statements from 1= strongly disagree to 7= strongly agree". I copied 2 statements from my scale below. 1/Owning products that have superior designs makes me...
  10. C

    cronbachs alpha using repeated administrations on same subjects ?

    This will be an easy question for someone but I just can't find the answer via google or my text books I have a 30 item measure, an observation schedule, not standardised, and I would like to cite cronbachs alpha for it. I used it in an n=3 within subject design (psychology) where each...
  11. G

    Negative combach's alfa in evidence based questionnaire

    Hey everyone, For a small research I had to do I used the Rosenberg Self-esteem scale and tried to look for correlations with aggression using the Buss Perry Aggression Scale. Even though it proved very much insignificant I also found a negative crombach's alfa linked to the rosenberg...
  12. J

    Low cronbach's alpha - any remedy?

    Hi there, I want to construct a scale of 'contacting government' based on the question 'Please indicate if in the past year you contacted govt about any of the following services.' --There is a list of 14 different topics. The factor analysis (result attached) shows what to me what are...
  13. J

    Cronbach's alpha with weighted data

    Hi I have a test whose reliability I want to calculate, using Cronbach's alpha. The first 18 questions are scored 0 or 1 (right or wrong). The final 7 questions are scored 0, 1 or 2 (because they are not dichotomously right or wrong, there exists a 'half right' possibility). Is it correct...