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    How to determine the cut-off point of your dataset?

    Hi, I was wondering whether there is a way of determining cut-off point of your dataset? Let say I have the following dataset , which includes the following columns: text and emotion (negative, positive , or neutral): | Text | Emotion | | I like yellow...
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    How to calculate a cut-off for a scorecard in excel?

    0 How to calculate a cut-off for a scorecard in excel? I tried to have a WoE(weith of evidence) and IV(information value). this is my data:
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    Can I still incorporate excluded cases in some analyses?

    Hi again! In our study we want to exclude subject with a schizotypal personality disorder as well as possible without needing to do any clinical interviews. Therefore we chose a rather arbitrary cut-off value of "41" in the total sum score of the Schizotypal Personality Questionnaire (Raine...
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    Normal Distribution and Grade Cut-offs

    Hello, I tried googling this question, watching how-to videos, and read over the chapter in my textbook several times but I cannot seem to understand how to go about solving this question. The following question applies to a normal distribution of statistics test scores with a mean of 100...
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    Converting Group Centroids into Original Measurement Units in DFA

    I used SPSS to perform a discriminant function analysis on leg length which I am using to differentiate males and females in my sample. New measures are classified as male if the discriminant value is above the mean of the Group Centroids, or female, if the value is below. What I would like...
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    ROC analysis

    Hi, Im not sure if this is the right place, if not please move it to the correct forum. I have an ROC curve generated using medcalc (400 observations, 100 positive and 300 negative) and what I would like to know is if there is any way I can find out what the sensitivity and specificity of a...
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    Simplification of formula in logistic regression

    I have performed a logistic regression analysis including five variables and one outcome. However, I would like to simplify the formula significantly for clinical use. So, instead of the formula been something like -12.22+2.33*systolic blood pressure-1.21*temperature etc., I would like to make a...