data input

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    Input data (data view)

    Hi I have a question about SPSS. This might sound really stupid though. I have to run a regression, but prior to that, I have to check for correlation in SPSS. The correlation is between my independent variables AND my independent variables on my dependent variables. I know where to find...
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    Inputting data from my questionnaires for my second year project!

    Hello there, I am really struggling with my second year project as I am clueless when it comes to SPSS. So now that i've collected all my questionnaires I don't even know how to enter my data into SPSS let alone do any analysis on it :( I would very much appreciate it if someone was...
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    Data input into SPSS: What happens if there are more treatment data sets than control

    Hi guys, I am currently on the results section of my dissertation in Sports Science and I am having trouble completing my two-way repeated measures ANOVA due to data input complications. I have searched the internet and had my head in a few books but I am yet to find anything. Basically in...