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    Structure dataset for LMER-model

    Hi, I want to prepare my dataset for a LMER model conducted using Statsmodels in Jupyter Notebook. I have crossectional and longitudinal data, and have therefor been advised to use LMER. But I need help to understand how I should structure my collected data in a csv file. My dataset contains...
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    Hello everyone, I am a stats-beginner and I need help to understand if it is possible to compare two datasets. I am currently looking at the Residential Energy Consumption Surveys (RECS) databases, specifically to the 2015 and 2009 surveys. There have been some major changes in the 2015 survey...
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    HELP: Using Data on Different Spatial Scales for Econometric Regressions

    *Background: Using a Production Function in form of Autoregressive Regression Model for Regional Perfomance* Hi, This question is more of a theoretical nature. I have dataset that comprises all data on municipality level (n=290). However, due to data restrictions one variable, "self...
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    Syntax to make a transposed dataset the active one.

    I have generated a transposed file after applying the FLIP procedure. It is called *Untitled[ ] by default and is out of view on the Taskbar. I need to bring it into view as the front window, replacing its parent dataset as the active one but using Syntax rather than clicking on it. I need to...
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    Need help merging two files with multi-level data

    Need Help Merging Two Files Into One Hi all, I am wondering what is the best way to approach to combine two data sets into one (if possible) OR how to run an analysis using the two. Here is my situation: 1st Data Set: has 400,000+ cases of projects. There are around 30 variables...
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    subsetting data with criteria involving multiple variables/combinations of variables

    Hi, I am trying to create a subset of data of “high intermediate risk” group of entries as defined by a criteria based on age and number of risk factors. It is: Age over 70 plus at least 1 risk factor Age 50-70 plus at least 2 risk factors Age under 50 plus all three risk factors The...
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    Unbalanced panel dataset

    I need some clarification on how unbalanced panel data should be organized. For instance, suppose you have sample of total N products' prices and its factors observed during period of 3 years. Product's price is the dependent variable. This should look something like this: Product 1 |...
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    Helo me to Importing flat file

    Hi i have a flat file around 100gb. it has 200 variables like company name, that. In company name i have fields like google,ibm,tcs like that. i want to import this flat file with a filter on company name i.e i want only google records to be loaded in sas dataset rather that import...
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    Finding the probability distribution of a dataset

    Hello, I have a dataset of 100 numbers. The numbers seem to be random. I wanna find the probability distribution of the dataset. How can I do it mathematically? I would really appreciate a reply. Thank you Sujeeth Kumaravel
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    Can I transer my health center dataset to a client level dataset to conduct ANOVA?

    I have 10 adolescents clinics (10 observations). I have data regarding the number of adolescent general visits and adolescent sexual and reproductive health (SRH) visits stratify by race. General visits are all visits regardless of service provide and SRH visits are only those visits were SRH...