1. A

    Parameter finding - can you give me a basic guide?

    Hey there, I started working with a detector, and I was asked to model the efficiency of this it. I have collected lots of data about the efficiency of this detector, and have lots of sampled datasets like efficiency vs "some important parameter". The number of important independent...
  2. D

    AM software for NAAL dataset

    Hi, Anybody familiar with AM software? and the NAAL dataset from 2003? I have downloaded both, but cant run any tests. It wont let me select any dep variables or export to excel. thanks
  3. R

    Transposing rows and columns with variable names

    I'm new to this forum so my apologies if this is done incorrectly. Here is my problem- I have a SAS dataset with few columns and many rows and different types of variables. I need to literally just transpose these so that the entries in the first column become the variable names. Proc...
  4. M

    Merging datasets - no unique ID for individuals, only for households

    My thesis data has over 1000 households from a 70 page survey with multiple datasets. It is quite large so I cannot do this in Excel. I am trying to merge the datasets (by variable). However, I am having difficultly, because my data has unique identifiers for households... but in every...